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Question 1: When François I commissioned the construction of Chambord, he wanted it to look like the skyline of ________.
Byzantine EmpireConstantinopleByzantine navyHagia Sophia

Question 2: The castle also features 128 meters of façade, more than 800 sculpted ________ and an elaborately decorated roof.
Classical orderCorinthian orderCapital (architecture)Column

Question 3: The final attempt to make use of the colossus came from the Comte de Chambord but after the Comte died in 1883, the castle was left to his sister's heirs, the Ducal family of Parma, ________.

Question 4: During the ________, (1870-1871) the castle was used as a field hospital.
Otto von BismarckFranco-Prussian WarGerman EmpireAlsace-Lorraine

Question 5: Firstly ________ who died in 1907 and after him, Elias, Prince of Parma.
Ferdinand, Duke of ParmaCharles II, Duke of ParmaRobert I, Duke of ParmaCharles III, Duke of Parma

Question 6: The château was never intended to provide any form of defense from enemies; consequently the walls, towers and partial ________ are purely decorative, and even at the time were an anachronism.
Defensive wallCastleMoatFortification

Question 7: Any attempts at restoration ended with the onset of ________ in 1914.
World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)

Question 8: An American ________ bomber crashed onto the castle lawn on June 22, 1944.
T-6 TexanB-29 SuperfortressB-24 LiberatorB-25 Mitchell

Question 9: Chambord is the largest castle in the ________, but was built to serve only as a hunting lodge for François I, who maintained his royal residences at Château de Blois and at Château d'Amboise.
LyonLoire ValleyStrasbourgBordeaux

Question 10: some elements of the architecture - open windows, loggia, and a vast outdoor area at the top — borrowed from the ________ — are less practical in cold and damp northern France.
Renaissance Revival architectureBaroque architectureRenaissance architectureGothic architecture


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