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Question 1: Many of these were subsequently sold, converted to private dwellings, given to loyal supporters of the ________, dismantled for building materials, or abandoned and allowed to degenerate into ruins.
Protestant ReformationEnglish ReformationElizabethan Religious SettlementEcumenical council

Question 2: This legal status was also invented to circumvent the ________.
History of English land lawQuia EmptoresStatutes of MortmainMagna Carta

Question 3: Both Wait and See and Cy Pres approaches have been adopted by the American Law Institute as to the traditional ________.
Rule against perpetuitiesAllodial titleFuture interestProperty law

Question 4: The grant had been made prior to the ________, and the State of Vermont, as successor to the English Crown, could claim the land and convey it to the town of Pawlet for schools.
American Revolutionary WarSaratoga campaignUnited StatesNew York and New Jersey campaign

Question 5: Concerted efforts were made under ________ to reform cestui que.
Richard III of EnglandEdward IV of EnglandHenry VI of EnglandHenry VII of England

Question 6: ________
List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of EnglandNorth YorkshireShropshireEast Riding of Yorkshire

Question 7: ________ and Audley who succeeded Thomas More vigorously crushed cestui que uses in the courts, persuading judges to declare them illegal or void.
Catherine HowardThomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of EssexEnglandHenry VIII of England

Question 8: An analogy exists between cestui que uses and a usufructus (usufruct) or the bequest of a ________.
Roman lawAugustusFideicommissumRoman censor

Question 9: In the United States the ________, where it is in effect, applies to both legal and equitable interests, created in trust.
Property lawFuture interestRule against perpetuitiesAllodial title

Question 10: The land had been granted by ________ in New Hampshire in 1761.
George IV of the United KingdomGeorge II of Great BritainWilliam IV of the United KingdomGeorge III of the United Kingdom


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