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Cesare Borgia: Quiz


Question 1: To this end, he declared that all his vicars in Romagna and ________ were deposed.

Question 2: Beyond Good and Evil (1886) by ________ Af.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelExistentialismFriedrich NietzscheImmanuel Kant

Question 3: Lucrezia Borgia (Richard Oswald, 1926), a ________
Charlie ChaplinSilent filmSound filmFilm

Question 4: Exiled to Spain, in 1504, he was imprisoned in the Castle of La Mota, ________, from which he escaped and joined his brother-in-law, King John III of Navarre.
Medina del CampoCampasperoValdunquilloValladolid

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Cesare Borgia have?
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version mix
Member of Parliament for Linlithgowshire
President of the American Sociological Association
Lord of Forlu00EC

Question 6: In ________, Machiavelli uses Borgia as an example to elucidate the dangers of acquiring a principality through the virtue of another.
The PrinceNiccolò MachiavelliDiscourses on LivyFlorentine Histories

Question 7: Kakan no Madonna by Chiho Saito (________)
Manga outside JapanShōjo mangaMangaYaoi

Question 8:
Cesare Borgia, Monica Bellucci and Pope Urban VII are all:
People from Rome (city) Bishops of Elna Dukes of Valentinois University of Perugia alumni

Question 9: More likely, ________ granted Cesare a release from the necessity of proving his birth in a papal bull.
Pope Sixtus IVPope Leo XPope Alexander VIPope Julius II

Question 10: His first victim was ________ (mother of the Medici condottiero Giovanni dalle Bande Nere), ruler of Imola and Forlì.
Bianca RiarioCaterina SforzaPope Alexander VICesare Borgia

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