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Cerinthus: Quiz


Question 1: Cerinthus may be the alleged recipient of the Apocryphon of James (codex I, text 2 of the ________), although the name written is largely illegible.
Nag Hammadi libraryGnostic textsGnosticism and the New TestamentGnosticism

Question 2: Early Christian tradition describes Cerinthus as a contemporary to and opponent of John the Evangelist, who wrote the ________ against him.
New TestamentGospel of MarkGospel of JohnGospel of Matthew

Question 3: He taught that Jesus would establish a thousand-year reign of sensuous pleasure after the ________ but before the General Resurrection, a view that was declared heretical by the Council of Nicaea.
Christian eschatologyChristGospelSecond Coming

Question 4: Cerinthus is featured in John's Story: The Last Eyewitness, part of Christian writer ________'s The Jesus Chronicles.
Left BehindLeft Behind (series)Second ComingTim LaHaye

Question 5: He taught that the visible world and heavens were not made by the supreme being, but by a lesser power (________) distinct from him.

Question 6: Not Jehovah but the ________ have both made the world and given the law.
ArchangelJesusAngelMichael (archangel)

Question 7: 100 AD) was a gnostic and to some, an early Christian, who was prominent as a "heresiarch" in the view of the early ________.
Early ChristianityEast–West SchismCatholic ChurchChurch Fathers

Question 8: This view contradicted the ________ (c.
Paul of TarsusCouncil of JerusalemHistory of ChristianityDevelopment of the New Testament canon

Question 9: In his association with the Jewish law and his modest assessment of Jesus, he was similar to the ________ and to other Jewish Christians.
EbionitesDidacheEarly ChristianityJudaizers

Question 10: Various other Jewish Christian groups, like Cerinthians, followed the Jewish law and opposed ________.
Pauline ChristianityBiblical law in ChristianityAntinomianismBiblical canon


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