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Ceremony of the Keys: Quiz


Question 1: Ceremony of The Keys (Edinburgh), from the official website of the ________
Monarchy of the United KingdomPrime Minister of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomElizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Question 2: There is also a Ceremony of the Keys held in ________, at the start of the British monarch's week-long residence there in July.
Windsor CastleEdinburgh CastleStirling CastleHolyrood Palace

Question 3: In the modern version of the ceremony, at the firing of the sunset gun, the ________ symbolically hands the keys of the fortress to the Port Sergeant.
George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron HeathfieldGovernor of GibraltarDisputed status of GibraltarGeorge Rooke

Question 4: The Ceremony of the Keys is mentioned in ________'s Patriot Games.
The Hunt for Red October (video game)Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixTom ClancyRainbow Six (novel)

Question 5: Probably the best known such ceremony is the one that takes place every night at the ________, and has done so in some form or another since the 14th century.
Tower of LondonWestminster AbbeyPalace of WestminsterTower Green

Question 6: The party is also accompanied by ________ and fifes, to sound a warning for aliens to leave the colony before the gates are closed.
DrumGoblet drumDafNaqareh

Question 7: The ceremony’s origins date from the Great Siege of ________, which started in 1779 when French and Spanish troops attempted to capture Gibraltar.
Turks and Caicos IslandsCayman IslandsSaint HelenaGibraltar

Question 8: The ceremony was reinstituted in 1933 and is currently performed twice a year (in April and October) by the ________ and visiting British units and bands.
Alfred HolmesRoyal Gibraltar RegimentGibraltar Barbary MacaquesGeorge Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield

Question 9: Ceremonies known as the Ceremony of the Keys are held in at least two locations in the United Kingdom: London, and ________, as well as Gibraltar.
EdinburghScotlandGlasgowNew Town, Edinburgh


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