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Question 1: ________, Irish writer and painter who wrote My Left Foot, which was later adapted into an Oscar winning movie of the same name starring Daniel Day Lewis.
Christy BrownCecil Day-LewisIrelandDaniel Day-Lewis

Question 2:
What type is thing is Cerebral palsy?
Dinner Theatre

Question 3: People with CP are more likely to have some type of ________, but this is not related to a person's intellect or IQ level.
Learning disabilityAphasiaDyslexiaDysgraphia

Question 4: Cerebral palsy at the ________: Includes links to more than a dozen sites with information on CP, as well as support groups and CP organisations.
Life (magazine)Time WarnerJim BarksdaleOpen Directory Project

Question 5: ________ (PT) programs are designed to encourage the patient to build a strength base for improved gait and volitional movement, together with stretching programs to limit contractures.
Speech and language pathologyMassagePhysical therapyNutrition

Question 6: Botulinum Toxin A (________) injections into muscles that are either spastic or have contractures, the aim being to relieve the disability and pain produced by the inappropriately contracting muscle.
OnchidalToxiferineEpibatidineBotulinum toxin

Question 7: Some of these individuals have ________ and tremors.
HypertoniaHypotoniaPreterm birthPneumothorax

Question 8: ________, the Roman Emperor who was also a stutterer and walked with a limp is believed to have had CP.

Question 9: This procedure, called a ________, "rhizo" meaning root and "tomy" meaning "a cutting of" from the Greek suffix 'tomia' reduces spasms and allows more flexibility and control of the affected limbs and joints.
CordotomyBilateral cingulotomyRhizotomyNerve block

Question 10: The term "________" describes the attribute of spasticity in types of spastic CP.
EuphemismMental retardationCerebral palsySpastic


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