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Cerebral hemisphere: Quiz


Question 1: In contrast, ________ reasoning functions of language such as intonation and emphasis are often lateralized to the right hemisphere of the brain.
HolismReductionismBertrand RussellLudwig Wittgenstein

Question 2: The best evidence of lateralization for one specific ability is ________.

Question 3: A cerebral hemisphere (hemispherium cerebrale) is defined as one of the two regions of the ________ that are delineated by the body's median plane, (medial longitudinal fissure).
DigestionSensory systemBrainNervous system

Question 4: The hemispheres are linked by the ________, a very large bundle of nerve fibers, and also by other smaller commissures, including the anterior commissure, posterior commissure, and hippocampal commissure.
White matterCerebrumSeptum pellucidumCorpus callosum

Question 5: Each of these hemispheres has an outer layer of grey matter called the ________ that is supported by an inner layer of white matter.
Dentate gyrusCerebral cortexCerebrumHuman brain

Question 6: The architecture, types of cells, types of ________ and receptor subtypes are all distributed among the two hemispheres in a markedly asymmetric fashion.


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