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Cerebral edema: Quiz


Question 1: Due to a breakdown of tight endothelial junctions which make up the ________ (BBB).
AIDSImmune systemMeningitisBlood-brain barrier

Question 2: This type of edema is seen in response to trauma, tumors, focal inflammation, late stages of cerebral ischemia and hypertensive ________.
Alzheimer's diseaseIntracranial pressureEncephalopathyHepatic encephalopathy

Question 3: Four types of cerebral ________ have been distinguished[1]:

Question 4: This edema is due to the derangement in cellular metabolism resulting in inadequate functioning of the sodium and potassium pump in the ________ membrane.
MicrogliaAstrocyteGlial cellSchwann cell

Question 5: Treatment approaches can include mannitol, ________ and surgical decompression .
Calcium channel blockerBeta blockerDiureticAntihypertensive drug

Question 6: Cerebral edema or cerebral Ĺ“dema is an excess accumulation of water in the intracellular and/or extracellular spaces of the ________.
Nervous systemSensory systemBrainDigestion


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