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Cerebral cortex: Quiz


Question 1: It is constituted of up to six horizontal layers, each of which has a different composition in terms of ________ and connectivity.
Glial cellNervous systemPhotoreceptor cellNeuron

Question 2: From the cavity inside the neural tube develops the ventricular system, and, from the epithelial cells of its walls, the neurons and ________ of the nervous system.
MicrogliaSchwann cellAstrocyteGlial cell

Question 3: The Stria of Gennari is composed of ________ bringing visual information from the thalamus into layer four of visual cortex.
NeuronNervous systemAxonSchwann cell

Question 4:
How do you write Cerebral cortex in latin?
vena media superficiales cerebri
cortex cerebri
cortex piriformis
cortex periamygdaloideus

Question 5: The first ________ generated migrate out of the ventricular zone and together with Cajal-Retzius cells form the preplate.
AstrocyteAlpha motor neuronPyramidal cellPhotoreceptor cell

Question 6: The allocortex includes the olfactory cortex and the ________.
Dentate gyrusHippocampusCingulate gyrusCerebrum

Question 7: It plays a key role in memory, ________, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.
PerceptionAttentionExecutive functionsCognitive psychology

Question 8: The ________ or prefrontal association complex is involved in planning actions and movement, as well as abstract thought.
Human brainCerebrumInsular cortexFrontal lobe

Question 9: One study has found some positive association between the cortical thickness and ________.
Artificial intelligenceBehaviorismCognitionIntelligence

Question 10: In preserved brains, it has a ________ color, hence the name "grey matter".
Silver (color)BrownPurpleGrey

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