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Ceratosaurus: Quiz


Question 1: As with all ________, the more fossils found of these animals, the better their evolution and relationships can be understood.

Question 2: Recent evidence, however, has shown large distinctions between the later, larger and more advanced ceratosaurs and earlier forms like ________.

Question 3: Marsh (1884) suggested that Ceratosaurus weighed about half as much as ________.

Question 4: Ceratosaurus is also featured in episodes of Jurassic Fight Club where it is seen as a rival to ________ and preying on Stegosaurus.

Question 5: [15] In the Rite of Spring segment of Fantasia (1940), Ceratosaurus are shown as opportunistic predators attacking Stegosaurus and ________ trapped in mud.

Question 6: Ceratosaurus lived alongside dinosaurs such as ________, Torvosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, and Stegosaurus.

Question 7: While considered distant from birds among the theropods, Ceratosaurus and its kin were still very bird-like, and even had a more avian tarsus (ankle joint) than ________.

Question 8: In the past, Ceratosaurus, the Cretaceous abelisaurs, and the primitive coelophysoids were all grouped together and called Ceratosauria, defined as "theropods closer to Ceratosaurus than to ________".
BirdEnantiornithesModern birdsArchaeopteryx

Question 9: Ceratosaurus has appeared in several films, including the first live action film to feature dinosaurs, ________'s Brute Force (1914).
Intolerance (film)D. W. GriffithBroken BlossomsD. W. Griffith filmography

Question 10: Ceratosaurus is known from the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in central Utah and the Dry Mesa Quarry in ________.

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