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Ceratophyllum: Quiz


Question 1: Ceratophyllum is considered unique enough to warrant its own family, Ceratophyllaceae, and its precise relationship to other ________ remains unclear.
Flowering plantFernPlantGymnosperm

Question 2: Ceratophyllum is a cosmopolitan genus of ________, commonly found in ponds, marshes, and quiet streams in tropical and in temperate regions.
EmbryophyteFlowering plantGymnospermFern

Question 3: They offer excellent protection to fish-spawn, but also to snails, infected with ________.

Question 4: Some early molecular phylogenies suggested it was the sister group to all other angiosperms, but more recent ones have suggested that it is the sister group to either the ________ or the eudicots.
APG systemFlowering plantDicotyledonMonocotyledon

Question 5: They are usually called hornworts, although this name is also used for unrelated plants of the division ________.
Flowering plantMarchantiophytaFernHornwort

Question 6: It was considered a relative of Nymphaeaceae and included in Nymphaeales in the ________ but recent research has shown that it is not closely related to Nymphaeaceae or any other extant plant family.
Cronquist systemAPG III systemDicotyledonRosales

Question 7: The ________ are small and inconspicuous, with the male and female flowers on the same plant.
FruitFlowerFlowering plantSeed


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