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Cephalotaxaceae: Quiz


Question 1: They are restricted to east ________, except for two species of Torreya found in the southwest and southeast of the USA; fossil evidence shows a much wider prehistorical northern hemisphere distribution.

Question 2: These are much branched, small trees and ________.
ShrubCotoneasterRoseBroom (shrub)

Question 3: They are probably eaten by birds or other ________ which then disperse the hard seed undamaged in their droppings, but seed dispersal mechanisms in the family are not yet well researched.

Question 4: The male cones are 4-25 mm long, and shed ________ in the early spring.
PlantFlowering plantSeedPollen

Question 5: The family Cephalotaxaceae is a small grouping of ________, with three genera and about 20 species, closely allied to the Taxaceae, and included in that family by some botanists.
GymnospermPlantPinophytaFlowering plant


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