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Question 1: However, all molluscan shells are formed from the ectoderm (outer layer of the embryo); in ________, for example, an invagination of the ectoderm forms during the embryonic period, resulting in a shell that is internal in the adult.

Question 2: About 800 distinct living ________ of cephalopods have been identified.
SpeciesLifeEvolutionBiological classification

Question 3: Subclass ________ (490.0 Ma- Rec)

Question 4: The largest group of shelled cephalopods, the ________, are extinct, but their shells are very common as fossils.

Question 5:
What phylum does Cephalopod belong to?

Question 6:
  • Order † Plectronocerida: the ancestral cephalopods from the ________ Period
    CambrianDevonianGeologic time scaleCambrian explosion

Question 7: None of them can tolerate freshwater, but the brief squid, Lolliguncula brevis, found in ________ may be a notable exception in that it tolerates brackish water which has a low salinity.
Chesapeake BayAllegheny MountainsBlue Ridge MountainsDelmarva Peninsula

Question 8: Order † ________ (215.0-66.0 Ma)

Question 9: In the Coleoidea, the mollusk shell has been internalized or is absent; this subclass includes the octopus, squid, and ________.

Question 10: Squids and cuttlefish can move short distances in any direction by rippling of a flap of ________ around the mantle.
FasciaTorsoMuscleHead and neck anatomy

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