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Centum-Satem isogloss: Quiz


Question 1: For example, *ḱ became Sanskrit ś [ɕ], Latvian, ________, Russian and Armenian s, Lithuanian š [ʃ], and Albanian th [θ] (but k before a resonant).
Pashto languageKurdish languageTajik languageAvestan language

Question 2: "General Linguistics & Indo-European Reconstruction" (________).
Office Open XMLPortable Document FormatOpenDocumentHTML

Question 3: The terms Centum Group and Satem Group come from the words for the number "one hundred" in a traditional representative language of each group: Latin centum and ________ satəm.
Kurdish languagePashto languageTajik languageAvestan language

Question 4: as including all remaining dialects,[6] was in fact created by its own ________ independent from and predating the Satem sound change.
Phonological ruleTone (linguistics)Sound changeElision

Question 5: When von Bradke first published his views (1890) defining the Centum and Satem Languages, both major theories of language origination, the ________ and the Wave model already existed.
Tree modelComparative methodLanguage familyBiological classification


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