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Question 1: The central reservation in the ________, and other densely populated European countries, is usually no wider than a single lane of traffic.
EnglandCanadaUnited KingdomWales

Question 2: One median of note is the "inverted" median of the ________ (I-5) in the Tehachapi Mountains between Los Angeles, California and the San Joaquin Valley.
California State Route 99Interstate 5 in CaliforniaCalifornia State Route 33Interstate 405 (California)

Question 3: (See: ________.) This term stems from the city's early years.
Inland Northern American EnglishBoston EnglishNorth American English regional phonologyRegional vocabularies of American English

Question 4: The other major exception is the A38(M) Aston Expressway, which is a single carriageway of seven lanes, where the median lane "moves" to account for traffic flow (a system known as ________).
Physical oceanographyTidal powerCurrent sea level riseTide

Question 5: Where space is at a premium, dense hedges of shrubs filter the ________ of oncoming traffic and provide a resilient barrier.
Daytime running lampHeadlampAutomotive lightingAutomobile

Question 6: The American newcomers and the Creole old timers didn't get along with each other, and divided generally with Americans upriver from Canal Street and the Creoles downriver (in today's ________).
Bywater, New OrleansGarden District, New OrleansNew OrleansFrench Quarter

Question 7: On divided roads, including expressways, motorways, or autobahns, the central reservation (British English) or median (________) median strip (North American English and Australian English) or central nature strip (Australian English) is the area which separates opposing lanes of traffic.
American EnglishUnited StatesAlaskaEnglish language

Question 8: The medians of United States ________ break only for emergency service lanes, again with no such restrictions on lower classification roads.
MarylandUnited States Numbered HighwaysInterstate Highway SystemU.S. state

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