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Question 1:
What is the capital of Central Powers?
Lahore, Agra and Delhi
Not applicable
Oued Tlu00E9lat

Question 2:
What era did Central Powers belong to?
Spanish colonization
World War I
Modern era

Question 3: İsmail Enver - Commander-in-Chief of the ________
Ottoman NavyHistory of Turkish naviesOttoman EmpireMilitary of the Ottoman Empire

Question 4: ________ - Chief of the Austro-Hungarian General Staff
Austria–HungaryRudolf Stöger-Steiner von SteinstättenArthur Arz von StraussenburgAustro-Hungarian Navy

Question 5: On 20 May 1882, they were joined by the ________ in what was known as the Triple Alliance.
Benito MussoliniFascismAxis powersKingdom of Italy (1861–1946)

Question 6: All four were located between the Russian Empire in the east and the ________ and the United Kingdom in the west.
Vichy FranceFranceFrench Third RepublicScramble for Africa

Question 7: The Ottoman Empire followed suit on 30 October 1918 in the face of British and ________ gains in Palestine and Syria.
Palestinian peopleIraqArab peopleArab culture

Question 8: Following the outbreak of war in ________ during August 1914, the Ottoman Empire intervened at the end of October by taking action against Russia, resulting in declarations of war by the Triple Entente.
BalkansWestern EuropeEastern EuropeEurope

Question 9: The three nations fought alongside each other under the Army of Islam in the ________.
Battle of BakuMiddle Eastern theatre of World War IGerman Caucasus ExpeditionCaucasus Campaign

Question 10: ________ (allies of Nazi Germany in WWII)
Italian Social RepublicAxis powersIon AntonescuAdolf Hitler

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