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Central Kalahari Game Reserve: Quiz


Question 1: The park contains wildlife such as giraffe, brown hyena, warthog, cheetah,wild dog, leopard, lion, ________, eland, gemsbok,kudu and red hartebeest.
Greater KuduBlue WildebeestSteenbokHippopotamus

Question 2: Central Kalahari Game Reserve is an extensive national park in the Kalahari desert of ________.

Question 3: The land is mostly flat, and gently undulating covered with bush and grasses covering the ________, and areas of larger trees.
Drainage basinDuneSediment transportOxbow lake

Question 4: The ________, or San, have inhabited the lands for thousands of years since they roamed the area as nomadic hunters.

Question 5: Four fossilized rivers ________ through the reserve including Deception Valley which began to form around 16,000 years ago [2].
Avulsion (river)MeanderOxbow lakeDrainage basin

Question 6: Many of the river valleys are ________ with salt pans.
FossilGeologyPaleontologyGeologic time scale


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