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Central Bank of Iraq: Quiz


Question 1: In March 2003, on several occasions beginning on March 18, the day before the United States began bombing ________, nearly US$1 billion was stolen from the Central Bank of Iraq.

Question 2: In ________, a hand-written note surfaced, signed by Saddam, ordering $920 million to be withdrawn and given to his son Qusay.
August 2007May 2005March 2005March 2003

Question 3: The Central Bank of Iraq (Arabic: البنك المركزي العراقي‎) is the central bank of ________.

Question 4: implementing monetary policy (including ________ policies)
Fixed exchange rateForeign exchange marketForeign exchange reservesExchange rate

Question 5: Approximately $650 million was later found by US troops, hidden in the walls of ________'s palace.
IraqIran–Iraq WarGulf WarSaddam Hussein

Question 6: The Central Bank of Iraq was established as ________'s central bank by Central Bank of Iraq Law 2004 with authorised capital of 100 billion dinars.

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