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Central American music: Quiz


Question 1: Palo de Mayo is the name given to the ________ as well as the music genre that originated in the festival of the same name that is celebrated every day of May annually in Nicaragua.
BalletConcert danceDanceAfrican-American dance

Question 2: The mejoranera, an instrument similar to a ________, is a popular instrument unique to Panama.
Classical guitarGuitarElectric guitarBass guitar

Question 3: One of the well-known forms of Central American music is punta, a style innovated by the syncretic ________ who live across the region, in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize.
GarifunaAfrican diasporaAfro-Latin AmericanBelizean Kriol people

Question 4: The ________, a type of xylophone, is perhaps the most important folk instrument of Central America, and it is widespread throughout the region.

Question 5: Honduras is known for Garifuna music as well as the well-preserved traditions of the ________.
MexicoMaizeLenca peopleMaya civilization

Question 6: El Salvador has participated in many Latin musical trends, such as cumbia, a genre more closely associated with ________ but which has a unique sound in El Salvador.
ColombiaValle del Cauca DepartmentColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Quindío Department

Question 7: ________ is dominated by the popular Latin music, or Black Caribbean trends, including salsa, cumbia, mariachi, reggae, calypso and nueva canción.
North AmericaAmericasCentral AmericaAmericas (terminology)


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