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Centipede: Quiz


Question 1: Maternal brooding unites Craterostigomomorpha with the Epimorphs into the ________ Phylactometria.
CladeGhost lineageComputational phylogeneticsPhylogenetics

Question 2:
What kind of animal is a Centipede?
see text

Question 3: This trait is thought to be closely linked with the presence of sternal pores, which secrete sticky or noxious secretions, which mainly serve to repel predators and ________.
CatParasitismToxoplasmosisDirofilaria immitis

Question 4: ________ may provide a large proportion of Lithiobiomorph diet.

Question 5:
What is the subphylum of Centipede?

Question 6: The presence of these pores on the ________ Devonobius permits its inclusion in this clade, allowing its divergence to be dated to 375 (or more) million years ago[17]
CarboniferousLate Devonian extinctionGeologic time scaleDevonian

Question 7: Centipedes possess a variable number of ocelli, which are sometimes clustered together to form true ________.
Sensory systemBrainNervous systemEye

Question 8: It is also notable that there are a few known species of ________ centipedes.
Komodo dragonAsexual reproductionParthenogenesisFlatworm

Question 9: Centipedes have an ancestry dating back 430 million years to the late ________.
Geologic time scaleDevonianSilurianOrdovician

Question 10: These orders are united into the ________ Chilopoda by the following synapomorphies.
CladePhylogeneticsGhost lineageComputational phylogenetics


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