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Question 1: The number of base-pairs it corresponds to varies widely across the ________ (different regions of a chromosome have different propensities towards crossover).

Question 2: It is often used to imply distance along a ________.
KaryotypeChromosomeAutosomeChromosomal translocation

Question 3: ________ has an average recombination distance of ~15 kb per centimorgan: markers separated by 15 kb of DNA (15,000 nucleotides) have a 1% chance of being separated by crossing over in a single generation.
MalariaPlasmodium ovalePlasmodium vivaxPlasmodium falciparum

Question 4: In genetics, a centimorgan (abbreviated cM) or map unit (m.u.) is a unit of recombinant frequency for measuring ________.
Mendelian inheritanceMeiosisGenetic linkageChromosome

Question 5: The centimorgan was named in honor of geneticist Thomas Hunt Morgan by his student ________.
James D. WatsonJoshua LederbergAlfred SturtevantG. Ledyard Stebbins


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