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Question 1: For example, in ________ the major third is represented by the frequency ratio 5:4.
Equal temperamentConsonance and dissonanceMusical temperamentJust intonation

Question 2: Adults with ________, however, have trouble recognizing differences of less than 100 cents and sometimes have trouble with these or larger intervals.
Broca's areaHuman brainCerebral cortexAmusia

Question 3: When listening to pitches with ________, there is evidence that humans perceive the mean frequency as the center of the pitch.

Question 4: 1200 cents are equal to one ________ — a frequency ratio of 2:1 — and an equally tempered semitone (the interval between two adjacent piano keys) is equal to 100 cents.
OctaveFifteenthPerfect fourthInterval (music)


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