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Question 1: [43] The first census was conducted in the ________ in 1921.
Kingdom of YugoslaviaYugoslaviaSocialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaSerbia

Question 2: Attempts at introducing a census in ________ sparked strong popular resentment in the 1980s since many quite personal questions were asked.
Allied-occupied GermanyWest GermanyEast GermanyGerman Empire

Question 3: See also: ________, Canada 2006 Census.
Canada 1996 CensusImmigration to CanadaInuitCanada 2001 Census

Question 4: A partial and incomplete population census was taken in ________ in 1980.
Central Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 5: The first census in ________ was carried out in 1836.

Question 6: Population and housing censuses have been carried out in ________ in 1992 and 2001.

Question 7: In India, censuses were conducted in the Mauryan Empire as described in ________'s (c.
Ancient economic thoughtChanakyaKeynesian economicsGandhian economics

Question 8: The term itself comes from Latin: during the ________ the census was a list that kept track of all adult males fit for military service.
Ancient RomeClassical antiquityRoman RepublicRoman Empire

Question 9: The National Registry doubles as an ________.
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAustraliaElectoral rollChristmas Island

Question 10: Other options for answering the questionnaire include postal mail (using a pre-paid envelope) and ________ (using an 800 number).
Telephone related articlesTelephoneAlexander Graham BellTelephone exchange


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