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Question 1: While ________ out the watches Khaldei also copied the smoke in the background from another photo to make the scene more dramatic.
Wilson IrvineH. R. GigerPhoto manipulationAirbrush

Question 2: On November 7, 1919 this image was snapped of the Soviet leadership celebrating the second anniversary of the ________.
October RevolutionVladimir LeninRussian Civil WarRussian Provisional Government

Question 3: It would later split into ________ and Menshevik factions, with the Bolsheviks eventually becoming the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
Lev KamenevRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyBolshevikVladimir Lenin

Question 4: After taking the shot with the flag Khaldei rushed back to ________ with the photograph.

Question 5: Khaldei was born in a Jewish family in Ukraine and had been obsessed with ________ since childhood, having built his first childhood camera out of his grandmother's glasses.
Digital photographyHolographyPhotographyDaguerreotype

Question 6: [6] Trotsky's ideas form the basis of Trotskyism, a variation of communist theory, which remains a major school of Marxist thought that is opposed to the theories of ________.
Eastern BlocStalinismJoseph StalinSocialism in One Country

Question 7: Yezhov was born in ________ and from 1915 to 1917, Yezhov served in the Tsarist Russian army.
Leningrad OblastSaint PetersburgMoscowBashkortostan

Question 8: At first, a purge meant expulsion from the Communist Party, but after the ________ in the 1930s members were arrested, imprisoned, sent to gulags or to internal exile in Siberia, or executed.
Moscow TrialsGreat PurgeMass killings under Communist regimesJoseph Stalin

Question 9: During the Russian Civil War 1919–1921 he fought in the ________.
Eastern Front (World War II)Soviet Armed ForcesJoseph StalinRed Army

Question 10: Shortly after the picture was taken the whole group was arrested by the ________.
OkhranaRussiaRussian EmpireVladimir Lenin


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