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Cem Karaca: Quiz


Question 1: While he was in ________, his father died, but he could not return to attend the funeral.

Question 2: He was the only child of İrma Felekyan (Toto Karaca) of Armenian origin[1], a popular opera, theatre and movie actress, and Mehmet İbrahim Karaca of ________ origin.
Azerbaijani cultureAzerbaijanAzerbaijani peopleIran

Question 3: In 1967, he started to write his own music, forming the band Apaşlar (Apachees), his first ________ group.
Oghuz TurksTurkish peopleTurkish languageTurkey

Question 4: General ________ took over the government and temporarily closed all the nation's political parties.
Fevzi ÇakmakCevdet Sunayİsmet İnönüKenan Evren

Question 5: However, Cahit Berkay, the leader of Moğollar, wanted an international name for his band, and he left for ________ to take the group to another level.
CanadaUnited KingdomFranceItaly

Question 6: In the 1970s, Turkey's image was damaged by political violence between supporters of the left and the right, separatist movements and the rise of ________.
IslamismIslam and antisemitismDhimmiIslamic terrorism

Question 7: In early 1979, he left for ________ for business reasons.
German EmpireWest GermanyEast GermanyAllied-occupied Germany

Question 8: Later he joined Jaguars, an ________ cover band.
Hound Dog (song)Elvis PresleyHeartbreak HotelDon't Be Cruel

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