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Question 1: ________ as practiced by the Celts was very likely similar to the better documented practice in ancient Greece and Rome.
Universal suffrageRacismAntisemitismSlavery

Question 2: Literary tradition begins with ________ from about the 8th century.
Old IrishIrish phonologyPrimitive IrishMiddle Irish

Question 3: It developed out of the Hallstatt culture without any definite cultural break, under the impetus of considerable Mediterranean influence from Greek, and later ________.
Etruscan civilizationEtruscan mythologyEtruscan languageEtruscan origins

Question 4: However, the Celts were master horsemen,[citation needed] which so impressed the Romans[citation needed] that they adopted ________, the Celtic horse goddess, into their pantheon.

Question 5: The Hallstatt culture was succeeded by the La Tène culture of central Europe, and during the final stages of the ________ gradually transformed into the explicitly Celtic culture of early historical times.
Iron Age ChinaAncient Near EastIron AgeNeo-Assyrian Empire

Question 6: Their descendants were described by Julius Caesar in his ________.
Roman RepublicAugustusPompeyGallic Wars

Question 7: The oldest recorded rhyming poetry in the world is of Irish origin and is a transcription of a much older epic poem, leading some scholars to claim that the Celts invented ________.
English poetryFrench poetryMedieval poetryRhyme

Question 8: Celtic river-names are found in great numbers around the upper reaches of the Danube and Rhine, which led many Celtic scholars to place the ________ of the Celts in this area.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEthnogenesisCroatsFrance

Question 9: [citation needed] However, this immigration would be far too late to account for the origins of ________.
Irish languageInsular Celtic languagesManx languageBrythonic languages

Question 10: Monard speculated that it was recorded by druids wishing to preserve their tradition of timekeeping in a time when the ________ was imposed throughout the Roman Empire.
Islamic calendarJulian calendarChronologyGregorian calendar

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