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Celtic mythology: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, it is speculated that the Dagda is associated with Sucellos, the striker, equipped with a hammer and cup.
GaulLa Tène cultureGaulsCelts

Question 2: The nature and functions of these ancient gods can be deduced from their names, the location of their inscriptions, their ________, the Roman gods they are equated with, and similar figures from later bodies of Celtic mythology.
IconographyHalo (religious iconography)Madonna (art)Gothic art

Question 3: According to the Syrian rhetorician ________, Ogmios was supposed to lead a band of men chained by their ears to his tongue as a symbol of the strength of his eloquence.

Question 4: Celtic mythology is the mythology of ________, apparently the religion of the Iron Age Celts.
Celtic polytheismProto-Indo-European religionCeltic Reconstructionist PaganismDruid

Question 5: Irish mythology
Scottish mythology
Hebridean mythology
Tuatha Dé Danann
Mythological Cycle
Ulster Cycle
AengusCath FinntrághaFenian CycleCeltic mythology

Question 6: Celtic Art & Cultures: a detailed description of the ________
Celtic pantheonCeltsLa Tène cultureGundestrup cauldron

Question 7: Whatever its ultimate origins, the surviving material has been put to good use in the service of literary masterpieces that address the cultural concerns of ________ in the early and later Middle Ages.
ScotlandUnited KingdomEnglandWales

Question 8: He is evidently a residual of the earlier, more widespread god ________, whose diffusion in Celtic religion is apparent from the number of place names in which his name appears, occurring across the Celtic world.

Question 9: The god appearing most frequently in the tales is ________.
MachaManannán mac LirLughThe Morrígan

Question 10: Mercury was seen as the originator of all the arts (and is often taken to refer to ________ for this reason), the supporter of adventurers and of traders, and the mightiest power concerning trade and profit.


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