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Celtic calendar: Quiz


Question 1: The astronomical format of the calendar year that the Coligny calendar represents may well be far older, as ________ are usually even more conservative than rites and cults.
Gregorian calendarCalendarJulian calendarIslamic calendar

Question 2: Some eclectic Neopagans, such as Wiccans, combine the Gaelic fire festivals with solstices and equinox celebrations derived from non-Celtic cultures to produce the modern, Wiccan ________.
YuleHistory of WiccaWheel of the YearDianic Wicca

Question 3: The Gaulish ________ is possibly the oldest Celtic solar/lunar ritual calendar.
CeltsCeltic calendarGaulsColigny calendar

Question 4: [5] Some eclectic Neopagans are also influenced by ________'s fictional "Celtic Tree Calendar", which has no foundation in historical calendars or actual ancient Celtic Astrology.
Siegfried SassoonLaura RidingWilfred OwenRobert Graves

Question 5: As the day was seen as beginning at sunset, so the year was seen as beginning with the arrival of the darkness, at Samhain, the first of ________.
December 26MayNovember 1November

Question 6: In some ________ religions, a "Celtic calendar" loosely based on that of Medieval Ireland is observed for purposes of ritual.
NeopaganismWiccaGermanic NeopaganismNeo-druidism

Question 7: The date of its inception is unknown, but correspondences of ________ and Continental Celtic calendars suggest that some early form may date to Proto-Celtic times, roughly 800 BC.
Insular Celtic languagesManx languageCeltic languagesIrish language

Question 8: It dates from the 1st century BC, when the Roman Empire imposed use of the ________ in Roman Gaul.
Gregorian calendarChronologyJulian calendarIslamic calendar

Question 9: The light half of the year started at ________, the first of May.

Question 10: The Coligny Calendar is an attempt to reconcile both the cycles of the moon and sun, as is the modern ________.
Julian calendarTimeGregorian calendarIslamic calendar


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