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Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism: Quiz


Question 1: CR represents a polytheistic reconstructionist approach to Celtic Neopaganism, emphasising historical accuracy over eclecticism such as is found in ________.
Celtic Reconstructionist PaganismWiccaStregheriaNeo-druidism

Question 2: There are groups who now described their traditions as Pàganachd ("Paganism, Heathenism" in ________)[24] or the Irish version, Págánacht.
ScotlandScots languageScottish GaelicScottish people

Question 3: ________ is a favored method, as are folkloric customs such as the taking of omens from the shapes of clouds or the behaviour of birds and animals.
OghamGlagolitic alphabetHangulRunic alphabet

Question 4: In order to more fully understand ancient Celtic religion, many CRs study ________, historical manuscripts, and comparative religion, primarily of Celtic cultures, but sometimes other European cultures, as well.
EngineeringMiningArchaeologyCivil engineering

Question 5: CRs give offerings to spirits throughout the year, but at ________, more elaborate offerings are made to specific gods and ancestors.

Question 6: Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism (also Celtic Reconstructionism or CR) is a polytheistic, animistic, religious and ________ movement.
CultureHuman rightsFamilySlavery

Question 7: Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism originated in discussions among amateur scholars and ________ in the mid 1980s, and evolved into an independent tradition by the early 1990s.
Germanic NeopaganismNeo-druidismNeopaganismWicca

Question 8: Language study and preservation, and participation in other cultural activities such as ________, dance and martial arts forms, are seen as a core part of the tradition.
Celtic rockCeltic musicCeltic nationsCeltic fusion

Question 9: [6] In addition to cultural preservation and scholarly research Celtic Reconstructionists believe that ________, ecstatic practices are a necessary balance to scholarship, and that this balance is a vital component in determining whether a tradition is CR.

Question 10: [24] Many CRs maintain ________ and shrines to their patron spirits and deities, often choosing to place them at outdoor, natural locations such as wells, streams, and special trees.
Altar clothAltarBishopGospel (liturgy)


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