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Question 1: A degree of variation continued, and to an extent was encouraged, evidenced by the issuance of a papal privilege by Pope Honorius to the Columbanus’s monastery of ________ freeing the institution from Frankish episcopal oversight.

Question 2: [26] Those preferring the Roman tonsure considered the Celtic custom extremely unorthodox, and associated it with the form of tonsure worn by the heresiarch ________.
New TestamentSaint PeterSimon MagusJesus

Question 3: The religion spread to ________ at this time, though the island had never been part of the Roman Empire, establishing a unique organization around monasteries, rather than episcopal dioceses.
Irish peopleNorthern IrelandIrelandWales

Question 4: [13] A revival of the ________ tradition came in the second half of the century, with the culdee or "clients (vassals) of God" movement founding new monasteries detached from family groupings.

Question 5: Joseph of Arimathea at ________; legend also states that King Arthur is buried in his ruined abbey.
GlastonburySomersetShepton MalletCrewkerne

Question 6: The prevailing "Roman" custom was to shave a circle at the top of the head, leaving a halo of hair or corona; this was eventually associated with the imagery of Christ’s ________.
Crown of ThornsHoly LanceLouis IX of FranceCatholic Church

Question 7: [31] Nonetheless, penance and reconciliation was prevailingly a public rite (sometimes unrepeatable), which included ________ at its conclusion.
Justification (theology)AbsolutionPredestinationBaptism

Question 8: In particular there was more fasting and an emphasis on ________.
Judicial corporal punishmentFlagellationSchool corporal punishmentCorporal punishment

Question 9: [20] For example, the southern Irish accepted the common Easter calculation at the Synod of Mag Léne around 630, as did the northern Irish at the Council of Birr around 697, and Northumbria with the ________ in 664.
Synod of WhitbyWilfridBedeCeltic Christianity

Question 10: [22] In 1639 ________ suggested a semi-circular shape, rounded in the front and culminating at a line between the ears.
James UssherRobert Bent KnoxCharles D'ArcyMarcus Beresford (clergyman)


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