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Question 1: As the result, an effective pretreatment is needed to liberate the cellulose from the ________ seal and its crystalline structure so as to render it accessible for a subsequent hydrolysis step.
FungusLigninPlantCell wall

Question 2: There are two ways of producing ethanol from ________:

Question 3: [2] A study by Nobel Prize winner ________ found ethanol produced from corn and sugarcane had a "net climate warming" effect when compared to oil.
Paul J. CrutzenFrank Sherwood RowlandMario J. MolinaKary Mullis

Question 4: Cellulosic ethanol is a ________ produced from wood, grasses, or the non-edible parts of plants.
Index of climate change articlesBiofuelEmissions tradingCarbon footprint

Question 5: Switchgrass (________) is a native tallgrass prairie grass.
Ethanol fuelSunflowerSugarcanePanicum virgatum

Question 6: Instead of sugar fermentation with yeast, this process uses a microorganism named ________.

Question 7: Switchgrass is an approved cover crop for land protected under the federal ________ (CRP).
Greenhouse gasCarbon sinksCarbon dioxideConservation Reserve Program

Question 8: It is a type of ________ produced from lignocellulose, a structural material that comprises much of the mass of plants.
Carbon footprintEmissions tradingBiofuelIndex of climate change articles

Question 9: Due to the complex nature of the ________ present in lignocellulosic biomass, a significant amount of xylose and arabinose (5-carbon sugars derived from the hemicellulose portion of the lignocellulose) is also present in the hydrolysate.

Question 10: Some research efforts are directed to optimizing ethanol production by ________ bacteria that focus on the ethanol-producing pathway.
RNAGeneticsGenetic engineeringDNA


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