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Celluloid: Quiz


Question 1: A 15 inch-wide sheet of Carbutt's film was used by William Dickson for the early Edison ________ experiments on a cylinder drum Kinetograph.
FilmmakingMovie theaterIndependent filmFilm

Question 2: Celluloid later used as the base for ________.
Photographic filmCameraFilm formatFilm speed

Question 3: Generally regarded to be the first ________, it was first created as Parkesine in 1856 and as Xylonite in 1869 before being registered as Celluloid in 1870.
PolystyreneThermoplasticPolymerPolyethylene terephthalate

Question 4: Celluloid is the name of a class of compounds created from nitrocellulose and ________, plus dyes and other agents.
UreaNitric acidMentholCamphor

Question 5: Its most common uses today are in table tennis balls and ________.
Bass guitarRock musicGuitar pickEddie Van Halen

Question 6: Celluloid is easily molded and shaped, and it was first widely used as an ________ replacement.

Question 7: The first celluloid as a bulk material for forming objects was made in 1855 in ________, England, by Alexander Parkes, who was never able to see his invention reach full fruition.

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