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Question 1: ________ cells, on the other hand, are not thought to degrade in this way, if at all.

Question 2: The primary concern of cell division is the maintenance of the original cell's ________.

Question 3: The corresponding sort of cell division in ________ is known as binary fission.
ProkaryoteBacteriaGram-positive bacteriaCyanobacteria

Question 4: Cell division is usually a small segment of a larger ________.
Cell cycleCyclin-dependent kinaseCyclinCDKN1B

Question 5: In another type of cell division present only in eukaryotes, called meiosis, a cell is permanently transformed into a gamete and cannot divide again until ________.
EmbryoPrenatal developmentHuman embryogenesisFertilisation

Question 6: For simple unicellular organisms[nb 1] such as the amoeba, one cell division is equivalent to ________-- an entire new organism is created.
AnimalCell (biology)ReproductionSex

Question 7: Cells are classified into two categories: simple, non-nucleated prokaryotic cells, and complex, nucleated ________ cells.

Question 8: Furthermore,the pattern of cell division that transforms eukaryotic stem cells into gametes (________ in males or ova in females) is different from that of eukaryotic somatic (non-germ) cells.
Sexual reproductionSpermatozoonFertilisationSperm

Question 9: Right before the parent cell splits, it undergoes ________.
DNA replicationPrimer (molecular biology)Replication forkTelomerase

Question 10: This type of cell division in ________ is known as mitosis, and leaves the daughter cell capable of dividing again.

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