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Cell adhesion molecule: Quiz


Question 1: The best-characterized ligand for the three selectins is P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 (________), which is a mucin-type glycoprotein expressed on all white blood cells.
P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1VE-cadherinCD81CDH2

Question 2: Two well known examples are ________ and GLYCAM-1.

Question 3: ________ Intercellular Cell Adhesion Molecule

Question 4: The three family members are E-selectin (endothelial), L-selectin (________), and P-selectin (platelet).
PhagocyteEosinophil granulocyteWhite blood cellNeutrophil granulocyte

Question 5: Most of the CAMs belong to 5 protein families: Ig (immunoglobulin) superfamily (IgSF CAMs), the integrins, the ________, the selectins and the lymphocyte homing receptors.

Question 6: ________ CAMs (IgSF CAMs) are either homophilic or heterophilic and bind integrins or different IgSF CAMs.
L-selectinLymphocyte function-associated antigen 1Immunoglobulin superfamilyCD44

Question 7: The ________ are a family of homophilic CAMs, Ca2+-dependent.

Question 8: The ________ are a family of heterophilic CAMs that bind IgSF CAMs or the extracellular matrix.
L-selectinCD44Talin proteinIntegrin

Question 9: Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs) are proteins located on the cell surface[1] involved with the binding with other cells or with the ________ (ECM) in the process called cell adhesion.
HistologyCollagenElastic fiberExtracellular matrix


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