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Question 1: Celibacy not only for religious and monastics (brothers/monks and sisters/nuns) but also for bishops is upheld by the ________ traditions.
PopePope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 2: Religious beliefs – ________, sannyasa.
Ecumenical councilCatholic ChurchClerical celibacyChristianity

Question 3: Islam does not promote celibacy; rather it promotes ________.
Romance (love)PolyamoryMarriageFamily

Question 4: In all pre-________ - Catholic, Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox - traditions, bishops are required to be celibate.
ChristianityChristian denominationBaptistProtestantism

Question 5: ________, later known as the Buddha, is very well known for his renunciation of his wife, Princess Yasodharā, and child, Rahula.
Gautama BuddhaBuddhism and HinduismBuddhismAshoka the Great

Question 6:
The term ________ has recently appeared to describe a chronic, unwilling state of celibacy.
MarriageInvoluntary celibacyLove-shynessHuman sexual behavior

Question 7: An inability to form a sexual relationship – ________.
MarriageInvoluntary celibacyLove-shynessHuman sexual behavior

Question 8: The Bible teaches in Matthew 19 that Jesus taught his apostles about being "eunuchs" for the ________ but that not all people are able to take that.
ChristianityKingdom of GodChristian eschatologyTimeline of Christianity

Question 9: Celibacy termed as ________ in Vedic scripture is the fourth of the yamas and the word literally translated means "dedicated to the Divinity of Life".

Question 10: Avoiding prosecution for ________ or pedophilic relations under sodomy laws.
Sexual orientationBisexualityHomosexualityLesbian

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