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Question 1: The Celebes Sea has somewhat attained an international notoriety for its ________ who prey not only on small time fishermen but also giant container ships.
PiracyBarbary corsairsKurtońülu Muslihiddin ReisHayreddin Barbarossa

Question 2: Strong ocean currents, deep sea trenches and seamounts, combined with active volcanic islands, result in complex ________ features.
OceanographyHydrologyCoastal geographyPhysical oceanography

Question 3: By 20 million years ago, crustal movement had pushed the Celebes basin close enough to the Indonesian and ________ volcanoes to receive volcanic debris.
PhilippinesEast TimorPapua New GuineaUnited States

Question 4: It is a popular site for deep sea ________ and luxury ocean cruising.
DivingFu MingxiaGreg LouganisTian Liang (diver)

Question 5: Nowadays, these pirates have high-tech weapons and equipment like radar and ________ navigation devices and ride on high-speed motorboats.
F-15 EagleGlobal Positioning SystemInertial navigation systemCompass

Question 6: By 10 million years ago the Celebes Sea was inundated with continental debris, including ________, which was shed from a rapidly growing young mountain on Borneo and the basin had docked against Eurasia.
Grid energy storageWind powerCoalHydroelectricity


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