Ceftaroline: Quiz

Question 1: It is currently being investigated for ________[1] and complicated skin and skin structure infection.
InfluenzaAsthmaCommunity-acquired pneumoniaSinusitis

Question 2: Ceftaroline (INN) (pronounced /sɛf tar ɒ liːn/) is a fifth-generation cephalosporin ________.
AntibioticATC code J01Antibiotic misuseNucleic acid inhibitor

Question 3: ________ inhibit bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis by binding the penicillin binding proteins (PBPs) in the bacterial cell wall.
CephalosporinBeta-lactam antibioticCefotaximeAmpicillin

Question 4: It is notable for its activity against ________ (MRSA) and Gram positive bacteria.
Clostridium difficileMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusPathogenic bacteriaAnthrax

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Ceftaroline)