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Question 1: Cebuano is spoken in Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, western parts of Leyte, some parts of Samar, Negros Occidental, Palawan, ________ islands, southern region of Masbate island and Mindanao.
BiliranQuezonSouthern LeytePangasinan

Question 2: /i/ a ________ similar to English "machine".
Close front unrounded vowelClose back rounded vowelClose-mid back rounded vowelOpen front unrounded vowel

Question 3: Speakers in Mindanao and ________ refer to the language simply as Bisaya.
PhilippinesLuzonMetro ManilaManila

Question 4: There are three types of case markers: kinsa (nominative), tag-iya (________) and gitagan'an (oblique).
Grammatical caseGenitive caseVocative caseAccusative case

Question 5: Cebuano is an ________ spoken in the Philippines by about 20,000,000 people.
Sino-Tibetan languagesHmong-Mien languagesMayan languagesAustronesian languages

Question 6: Unlike English or Spanish which are nominative-accusative languages, Cebuano is an ________.
Agglutinative languageNominative–accusative languageErgative–absolutive languageMorphosyntactic alignment

Question 7: There are sixteen consonants: p, t, k, ʔ (the ________), b, d, g, m, n, ng, s, h, w, l, r and y.
Glottal stopVoiceless glottal fricativeVelar nasalPalatal approximant

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