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Cease and desist: Quiz


Question 1: Legal threats against The Pirate Bay - Popular bittorrent tracker ________ publishes cease and desist letters sent from certain companies and their responses.
BitTorrent (protocol)The Pirate BayMininovaFile sharing

Question 2: - A joint project between the ________ and several universities to monitor uses and abuses of intellectual property rights on the internet.
Digital rights managementOpen-source softwareFree Software FoundationElectronic Frontier Foundation

Question 3: A ________ may issue a cease-and-desist order with the intent to halt an illegal activity.
ProfessorJudgeRabbiDoctor (title)

Question 4: A cease-and-desist order can be issued by a ________ or government authority, and has a well-defined legal meaning.
RabbiJudgeDoctor (title)Professor

Question 5: In contrast, a cease-and-desist letter can be sent by anyone, although typically they are drafted by a ________.
ShariaLegal educationCommon lawLawyer

Question 6: preventing a pending publication) is called ________.
Media biasMotion Picture Production CodeChilling effect (term)Prior restraint

Question 7: Harassment by telephone by a ________ or junk debt buyers
Phantom debtCollection agencyCredit (finance)Bankruptcy

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