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Caving: Quiz


Question 1: Some drops that are ________ down may be as deep as several hundred meters (for example Harwood Hole).
Rock climbing equipmentAbseilingRock climbingBelaying

Question 2: Many ________ can be damaged by even the slightest touch and some by impacts as slight as a breath.
LimestoneCalcium carbonateSpeleothemCave

Question 3: ________ are one such fragile species of cave-dwelling animal.
PrimateEven-toed ungulateMammalBat

Question 4: Caves can be dangerous places; hypothermia, falling, flooding, and physical ________ are the main risks.
PneumoniaMalaiseFatigue (medical)ICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings

Question 5: Famous US caver ________ made in the 1920s important explorations in that area.
Ace in the Hole (film)The Courier-JournalMammoth Cave National ParkFloyd Collins

Question 6: Bats which ________ are most vulnerable during the winter season, when no food supply exists on the surface to replenish the bat's store of energy should it be awakened from hibernation.
Embryonic diapauseDormancyHibernationEstivation

Question 7: On the feet ________ are worn - hiking-style boots in drier caves, or rubber boots (such as wellies) often with neoprene socks ("wetsocks") in wetter caves.
ShoeBootAthletic shoePump (shoe)

Question 8: This is regarded as the first use of the word in the ________.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 9: It has recently come to be known as an "________" by some (though not commonly considered as such by its practitioners, who may dislike the term for its perceived connotation of disregard for safety).
Rock climbingSnowboardingIce climbingExtreme sport

Question 10: ________ commonly used in caving are the figure-of-eight- (or figure-of-nine-) loop, bowline, alpine butterfly, and Italian hitch.
Bight (knot)Two half-hitchesKnotConstrictor knot


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