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Caviinae: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - Domestic Guinea Pig
CapybaraChacoan MaraCatGuinea pig

Question 2: Molecular results suggest that the Caviinae as so defined would be ________ and that Kerodon is more closely related to maras and capybaras than to other caviines (Rowe and Honeycutt, 2002).
CladisticsCladeParaphylyDNA barcoding

Question 3: The subfamily traditionally contained the ________-like forms along with the cursorially (running) adapted Kerodon.
Chacoan MaraGuinea pigCapybaraCat

Question 4: Caviinae is a subfamily uniting all living members of the family Caviidae with the exception of the maras, ________ and Kerodon.
Lesser capybaraBrazilian Guinea PigCapybaraGuinea pig


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