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Cavia: Quiz


Question 1: Cavia aperea
Cavia tschudii
Cavia guianae
Cavia anolaimae
Cavia nana
Cavia fulgida
Cavia magna
Cavia intermedia
CatCapybaraChacoan MaraGuinea pig

Question 2: Cavia fulgida – Shiny Guinea Pig: eastern ________
PortugalMozambiqueEast TimorBrazil

Question 3: Cavia magna – Greater Guinea Pig: Uruguay, south-east ________
BrazilEast TimorMozambiquePortugal

Question 4: The most well-known species in this genus is the domestic guinea pig, ________, an important meat animal in South America and a common household pet in the West.
CatChacoan MaraGuinea pigCapybara

Question 5: Cavia is a genus in the Caviinae subfamily that contains the rodents commonly known as ________.
Guinea pigCapybaraCatChacoan Mara

Question 6: [1] If so, this would be an example of ________.
Convergent evolutionBirdCountershadingParallel evolution

Question 7: Cavia anolaimae (often considered a synonym of C. porcellus) - ________
Quindío DepartmentColombiaColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Valle del Cauca Department

Question 8: Cavia guianae (often considered a synonym of C. porcellus) - Venezuela, Guyana, ________
MozambiqueEast TimorBrazilPortugal

Question 9: ________ – Domestic Guinea Pig: wild ancestor unknown
Chacoan MaraGuinea pigCatCapybara

Question 10: Cavia intermedia – Intermediate Guinea Pig: Moleques do Sul islands, Santa Catarina, ________, first described in 1999
MozambiqueBrazilPortugalEast Timor


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