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Cave diving: Quiz


Question 1: ________, co-inventor of the first SCUBA equipment, was both the world's first SCUBA diver and the world's first SCUBA cave diver.
RV CalypsoParisFranceJacques-Yves Cousteau

Question 2: The caves and caverns of Grand Bahama, contain an immense underwater cavern, with a vast, flooded, ________ of caverns, caves and submerged tunnels that honeycomb the entire island of Grand Bahama and the surrounding sea bed.
LabyrinthAthensTurf mazeGreek mythology

Question 3: The Florida caves are formed from geologically young ________ with moderate porosity.
Carbonate rockKarst topographyLimestoneSedimentary rock

Question 4: Cave diving is a type of technical diving in which specialized SCUBA equipment is used to enable the exploration of natural or artificial ________ which are at least partially filled with water.
CavingKarst topographyCaveShow cave

Question 5: Caves often have a wide range of unique physical features, such as stalactites and stalagmites, and can contain unique ________ and fauna not found elsewhere.

Question 6: The difficulty of access to the sump in Swildon's prompted operations to move to the resurgence, and the larger cave there allowed use of conventional "hard hat" equipment which was secured from the ________ company.
RebreatherAugustus SiebeSiebe GormanFrogman

Question 7: "Skin Diver Killed in Submerged Cave", ________, May 16, 1955, Page 47.
International Herald TribuneThe Boston GlobeThe New York TimesThe New York Times Company

Question 8: In the north west of Sardinia, close to Porto Conte bay, Alghero territory, there is the most important cave diving site in the ________.
Indian OceanMediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

Question 9: The North Floridan ________ expels groundwater through numerous first-magnitude springs, each providing an entrance to the aquifer's labyrinthine cave system.
Water contentAquiferHydraulic conductivityHydrogeology

Question 10: The caves in the ________ were formed during the last ice age.
BelizeThe BahamasAntigua and BarbudaBarbados


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