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Question 1: These missile weapons were very successfully used in the ________, in combination with Wagenburg tactics.
Protestant ReformersCrusadesProtestant ReformationHussite Wars

Question 2: [17] On account of their supreme position in horse (Ashva) culture, they were also popularly known as ________, i.e.

Question 3: The French horsemen also proved that cavalry could be a decisive element during the ________ in Spain.
Napoleonic WarsNapoleon IGrande ArméePeninsular War

Question 4: The southern British met ________ with chariots in 55 and 54 BC, but a century later, in the Roman conquest of Britain chariots were obsolete even in Britannia.
Lucius Cornelius SullaRoman RepublicPompeyJulius Caesar

Question 5: In the Indian subcontinent, cavalry played a major role from the ________ (320-600) period onwards.
Gupta EmpireChola DynastyPala EmpireHarsha

Question 6: Cavalry were historically the third oldest (after ________ and chariotry) and most mobile of the combat arms.
InfantryWeaponMedieval warfareMilitary history

Question 7: Massed infantry was deadly to cavalry but also offered an excellent target for ________.
ArtilleryMilitary historySiegeNaval warfare

Question 8: Cavalry was important at Blenheim (1704), Rossbach (1757), Eylau and Friedland (1807), remaining a significant factor throughout the ________.
Napoleon INapoleonic WarsGrande ArméeFirst French Empire

Question 9: Colonial warfare in Morocco, Syria, the Middle East and the ________ of India provided some opportunities for mounted action against enemies lacking advanced weaponry.
PakistanNorth-West Frontier ProvincePunjab (Pakistan)Peshawar

Question 10: The shock role, traditionally filled by heavy cavalry, is generally filled by units with the "________" designation.
Pulp Fiction (film)Reservoir DogsVacancy (film)Armored (film)

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