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Question 1: If a person has been having frequent ________, it is most likely caused by an exposed blood vessel in their nose.
SymptomICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsMedical signEpistaxis

Question 2: The main forms of cauterization used today in the ________ are electrocautery and chemical cautery—where both are, for example, prevalent in the removal of unsightly warts.
Human Development IndexTurkeyFirst WorldDeveloped country

Question 3: The different methods of cauterization include burning the affected area with acid, hot metal, lasers, or ________.
Silver nitrateSilver hexafluorophosphateSilver perchlorateSilver iodide

Question 4: The practice was once widespread and is still used in remote regions of the world such as central ________ for treatment of wounds.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 5: Cauterization was used to stop heavy bleeding, especially during ________.
SurgeryUnited StatesAmputationICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 6: useful in preventing infections, including complications from ________.
Shock (circulatory)SepsisAcute respiratory distress syndromeAcute liver failure

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