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Question 1:
Where does Caucasus Mountains come from?

Question 2: ________ and other rock formations are common throughout the region.

Question 3: The Javakheti Volcanic Plateau in Georgia and the surrounding volcanic ranges which extend well into central ________ are some of the youngest features of the region.

Question 4:
How long is Caucasus Mountains?

Question 5: In 1730, this course was approved by the Russian ________ and since then was adopted by many scientists.
Golden HordeEmperorTsarKievan Rus'

Question 6: The highest peak in the Caucasus range is ________ in the Greater Caucasus, which rises to a height of 18,506 feet (5,642 meters) above sea level.
Dykh-TauMount ElbrusMount KazbekMount Etna

Question 7: The northern and western slopes of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains are characterized both by Colchian and other deciduous forests at lower elevations while mixed and ________ forests (mainly spruce and fir) dominate at higher elevations.
PinophytaGymnospermPlantFlowering plant

Question 8: The northeastern regions (________) and the southern portions of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains are the driest.

Question 9: The southern slopes of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains are largely covered by ________ and steppes up to an elevation of 2,500 meters.

Question 10: There is no clear agreement on whether the Caucasus Mountains are a part of Europe or ________.
Middle EastAsiaSingaporeContinent


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