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Question 1: ________ sought to establish First Republic of Armenia.
Armenian irregular unitsArmenian resistance (1914–1918)Andranik Toros OzanianArmenian national movement

Question 2: The proclamation of the independence of ________ followed with the treaty of Poti on May 28.
Democratic Republic of GeorgiaGeorgia (country)History of AbkhaziaHistory of Georgia (country)

Question 3: In December 1917, The Dashnaks of ________ through the Armenian Congress of Eastern Armenians established a military force.
Armenian irregular unitsArmenian national movementArmenian resistance (1914–1918)Andranik Toros Ozanian

Question 4: 1914, Staff of ________; Khetcho, DRO, and Armen Garo
World War ICaucasus CampaignAndranik Toros OzanianArmenian volunteer units

Question 5: ________ (Ottoman-Russian)
World War ITreaty of Brest-LitovskEastern Front (World War I)Treaty of Sèvres

Question 6: The ________ achieved this goal with the establishment of the internationally recognized Democratic Republic of Armenia in May 1918.
Social Democrat Hunchakian PartyArmenian Democratic Liberal PartyArmenian Revolutionary FederationArmenian Genocide

Question 7: The Ottoman Empire and German Empire had a hot conflict at Batumi with the arrival of ________ whose prime aim was to secure oil supplies.
Caucasus CampaignWorld War IGerman Caucasus ExpeditionErzerum Offensive

Question 8: On March 3, 1918, the campaign terminated between the Ottoman Empire and Russia with the ________ and on June 4, 1918, the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Batum with Armenia.
World War IEastern Front (World War I)Treaty of Brest-LitovskTreaty of Sèvres

Question 9: ________ commanded the Armenian Fedayee (Armenian: Ֆէտայի) during these conflicts.
Armenian national movementArmenian resistance (1914–1918)Armenian irregular unitsAndranik Toros Ozanian

Question 10: [3] War Minister ________ hoped a success would facilitate opening the route to Tbilisi and beyond with a revolt of Caucasian Muslims.
Caucasus Campaignİsmail EnverArmenian GenocideWorld War I


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