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Question 1: In 1920 ________ referred to the Mediterranean race as the Iberian race .
The World Set FreeH. G. WellsThe Time MachineH. G. Wells bibliography

Question 2: "Caucasoid race" is a term formerly used in ________ to refer to people of a certain range of anthropometric measurements.
Human evolutionBiological anthropologyPrimatologyPaleoanthropology

Question 3: 19th century classifications of the peoples of India considered the Dravidians of non-Caucasoid stock as ________ or a separate Dravidian race, and assumed a gradient of miscegenation of high-caste Caucasoid Aryans and indigenous Dravidians.
Black peopleWhite peopleAustraloid raceNegrito

Question 4: [4][4] Blumenbach named it after the peoples of the Caucasus (from the ________ region), whom he considered to be the archetype for the grouping.
CaucasusAsiaEuropeGeorgia (country)

Question 5: (Wells called the Mediterranean race the Iberian race because the ancient Iberian language was and is believed by some to have been related to the ________).
Spanish languageCatalan languageBasque languageErromintxela

Question 6: In the United States, the term Caucasian has been mainly used to describe a group commonly called White Americans, as defined by the government and ________.
Southern United StatesUnited States Census BureauNew EnglandMidwestern United States

Question 7: The term continues to be widely used in many scientific and general contexts, usually with its more restricted sense of "white", specifically ________ in a US context.
European AmericanGerman AmericanWhite AmericanItalian American

Question 8: The Caucasoid peoples were usually divided in three subraces on linguistic grounds, termed the ________ (native speakers of the Indo-European languages), the Semitic race (native speakers of the Semitic languages) and the Hamitic race (native speakers of the Berber-Cushitic-Egyptian languages).
Racial segregationNeo-NazismAryan raceRacism

Question 9: [2][3] The classification has been used in ________[citation needed].
Scientific racismSlaveryNazismNeo-Nazism

Question 10: ________. Retrieved 2007-03-03.
BBC News (TV channel)BBC TelevisionBBC Cymru WalesBBC News

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