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Caucasian Shepherd Dog: Quiz


Question 1: Encompassing the territories of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and ________, the Caucasus mountains are also home to one of the oldest living Molosser breeds, Caucasian Mountain Dog.

Question 2:
Where does Caucasian Shepherd Dog come from?

Question 3:
What is Caucasian Shepherd Dog's nickname?
''The Blue Toon
El Emperador

Question 4: Even the legendary ________, the breed considered to be the key progenitor of all bulldog breeds, is also descended from this Caucasian stock of mountain dogs.
Hunting Dog (Felids)Molossus (dog)AlauntBullenbeisser

Question 5: Caucasian Mountain Dog are strongly-boned, muscular and even-tempered ________.
MolosserGuard dogDog healthDog breed

Question 6: Although its first official Western Show-Ring appearance was in the 1930s in ________, the Caucasian Mountain Dog has existed since ancient times and, like many Eastern Molossers.

Question 7: The Caucasian Shepherd Dog ( Georgian: კავკასიური ნაგაზი, ( Azerbaijani: Gafgaz iti), is a breed of dog that is popular in Azerbaijan,Georgia, ________, and Southern Russia

Question 8: Generally healthy and long lived, hip dysplasia, ________ and occasional heart problems are known to occur.
Childhood obesityAbdominal obesityObesityObesity hypoventilation syndrome

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