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Caucasian Avars: Quiz


Question 1: In 2002, the Avars, who assimilated some peoples speaking related languages, numbered about 1,04 million, of which 814,500 live in Russia[1], of which more than 750,000 in ________.

Question 2: In ________, there was an ethnic Avar Member of the Parliament (MP), Ali Antsukhskiy (elected in 1995, who was killed in 1996.

Question 3: After World War II, many Avars left the barren highlands for the fertile plains closer to the shores of the ________.
Aral SeaCaspian SeaIssyk KulArctic Ocean

Question 4: The writing is based on the Cyrillic alphabet, which replaced the ________ used before 1927 and the Latin script used between 1927 and 1938.
Syriac alphabetHebrew alphabetArabic alphabetArabic language

Question 5: They also live in Chechnya, Kalmykia and other subjects of Russia, as well as ________ (mainly, the Balakan and Zakatala rayons - 42,100 (1999[2]) and Georgia (Kvareli Avars - 2,500).

Question 6: During the Khazar wars against the ________ in the 7th century, the Avars sided with Khazaria.
CaliphateShariaIslamMuslim history

Question 7: In the wake of this triumph, Umma Khan of the Avars (reigned 1774–1801) managed to exact tribute from most states of the Caucasus, including ________ and Georgia.
AzerbaijanShirvanIranAzerbaijani people

Question 8: It confronted the weakened Khazars and conducted a friendly policy towards the neighbouring Christian states of Georgia and ________.
OssetiansAlaniaKhazar–Arab WarsAzerbaijan

Question 9: Avars or Caucasian Avars are a modern people of ________, mainly of Dagestan, in which they are the predominant group.
EuropeAzerbaijanGeorgia (country)Caucasus

Question 10: The Caucasian ________ belongs to the Northeast Caucasian language family (also known as Nakh-Dagestanian).
Chechen languageIngush languageLak languageAvar language


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